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This category contains images that are protected because they are or will soon be on the Main Page. Images scheduled to go next onto the Main Page at 00:00 UTC can be found at Main Page/Tomorrow. The templates and/or pages transcluded on the main page are the featured article, In the news, Did you know, selected anniversaries, and Picture of the Day.

Instructions for administrators

Since January 14, 2007, cascading protection has been enabled on the main page. Thus, any template or image included on the main page will also be automatically protected for as long as they remain included in it.

However, you should protect the rotating TFA, SA, and POTD templates and images directly, a day or two before they appear. This will prevent vandalism seconds before they automatically go under cascading protection at 0:00 (UTC)

Furthermore, cascading protection currently does not apply to images hosted on the Wikimedia Commons. For these images, there are two options:

  1. Copy the image, upload it locally, and add {{C-uploaded}}. Please make sure you also copy the author attribution information and the licence tag from Commons along with the image.
  2. If you are an admin at the Commons, you may protect the Commons version, and add {{En main page}} there. This will also automatically block non-sysop users from uploading a local version here on the English Wikipedia.

All C-uploaded images should be speedily deleted once they are definitely off the Main Page. However, you should immediately check the deleted history of the image description page and restore any relevant Wikipedia-specific edits, category links, or tags (such as {{FeaturedPicture}}).fr:Catégorie:Image protégée de l'accueil zh:Category:被保護的首頁圖像

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