сколько весит GSB
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Автор:  drBatty [ 28 май 2011 10:40 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  сколько весит GSB

/dev/sda9          7,2G         5,2G  1,6G           77% /usr

хватит? :ne_ne_ne:

Автор:  gramozeka [ 29 май 2011 10:01 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: сколько весит GSB

drBatty писал(а):
/dev/sda9          7,2G         5,2G  1,6G           77% /usr

хватит? :ne_ne_ne:

тыц - обрати внимание на :
Disk Space

Disk space requirements are the first priority. It may seem surprising at first, but a complete GSB Build may require up to 8GB of disk space. There is a lot of software that will be compiled during the build process and it is important to ensure that enough free disk space is available before starting the build scripts. The disk space usage is broken down as such:

GNOME SlackBuild Source Tree: ~261MB

This includes all the GNOME SlackBuild scripts, as well as all external sources.

GNOME SlackBuild Source Tarballs: ~1GB

This is approximate for a full source download. If you only wish to build a few single packages then if may be easier for you to download each source tarball individually.

Temporary building space: ~6GB

Some larger applications like Mozilla Firefox, Mono, and Boost C++ require enormous amounts of space to build. Despite the fact that the resulting binaries are often only about 30MB, while building they may need up to 3-6GB for object files and libraries.

Installed Software: ~2GB.

As the GSB Build system steadily progresses building packages, it will need to install them on the build system for the sake of satisfying dependencies. In other words, the system on which GSB is built will also have it installed. A full installation of GSB will required approximately 2GB

GNOME SlackBuild Packages: ~563MB

GNOME SlackBuild will produce standard txz format Slackware packages, placing all the built packages into the default directory /tmp/gsb-packages. A full GSB Build will require space for about 360 individual packages.

Автор:  drBatty [ 29 май 2011 12:31 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: сколько весит GSB

поставил. вот:
/dev/sda9          7,2G         5,4G  1,5G           80% /usr

ставил slapt-get по принципу "пока не заработает" :-):

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